The state food watchdog has also been active after the state council's comments. In improving drugs for pharmaceutical standards, encouraging innovation, improve the efficiency of examination and approval, standardize drug research and development has adopted a series of measures, mainly includes four aspects: first, improve the drug inspection standard for examination and approval, is to promote industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading, the important measures to improve the ability of competition is made in China. Second, encourage drug innovation policies and promote the development of the pharmaceutical industry. Third, streamline the approval process and improve the efficiency of examination and approval. Fourth, we will launch clinical trial data inspection on the issue of unreal and incomplete data on drug development.

With the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, people's living standards have been improved, and the pace of life has accelerated. "Fast" can improve efficiency and bring benefits, and everyone is speeding up to achieve that goal. Walking on the road, scurry has become the norm. Entering the company, the relaxed atmosphere of work seems to be fading away; Even in the home, it became routine to keep working...

"Fast" is bringing material rewards to modern people, but it also causes a gasp. In recent years, cases of sudden death due to overwork, anxiety, depression, the disease index of growing, that long is fast rhythm of life.

Zhejiang Xinyadi Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.

Enterprise introduction

Xinyadi PharmaceuticalMachinery is located at the High-tech Campus in Taizhou, Zhejiang, a burgeoningindustrial city on the east coast of China. The company,a member of CAPE,covering an area of 15,000 square meters with more than 1500 employees (about40 are professional personnel) and over 30 million fixed assets, has beenestablished as a specialized manufacturer of packaging machinery forpharmaceutical industries.

Hot-sale product


XKG16A Suppository glycerol production line

XKG16A a neo embedding integrated machine is fully automatic and encapsulating independent design and development ...


XKG16B Wind medicated oil production line

XKG16B Daniel Fengyoujing embedding integrated machine is fully automatic and encapsulating independent...


XKG-12/20 High-speed liquid filling and sealing production line

This production line is composed of LP100A bottle unscramble,XKG-12/20 continuously liquid filling and capping...


XBX-8/16 High-speed liquid filling and sealing production line

This production line is composed of GSLP bottle machine,XBX-8/16 linear filling machine,XGJ-8 continuous machine.









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The innovation of science and technology is the foundation of the xin yadi, and win-win cooperation is the eternal tenet of xinyadi.

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